Eye Online – The Internal Eye

No one tells me anything . . . I didn’t know that . . . If you have heard these phrases or even said them yourself, it’s time to keep an eye on how you are communicating internally. A fresh viewpoint will boost employee morale and tie in corporate goals to connect people across a company.

Brand Your HR Department. Human Resource Specialists often find themselves wary of how to brand their department so communications are not overlooked or undervalued. Internal public relations effects how employees relate to each other, as well as how they project themselves to the public, investors, management or potential customers. These communications need to be reinforced on a consistent basis.

Are your employees all relaying the same key messages? Do they know and understand the overall corporate message? The HR department functions of recruiting, retention and onboarding rely heavily on communication, but basic communication goals are often overlooked by a small HR staff, whose focus is mostly on employee benefits, etc.

HR departments may also work with a safety manager. LJF Marketing helped an oil related company brand their safety program. This was a perfect way for HR to communicate safety goals and tips to employees throughout the company. The brand enabled employees to be on the look out for this specific type of communication so they could remain compliant with the program guidelines but more importantly, safe in a potentially dangerous situation.

Why would a company want to outsource Internal Public Relations? The main reason is to concentrate on core competencies. Public Relations professionals can become an expert on the pulse of the organization, usually better than an in house department simply because insiders are too close to the situation. An outside perspective always helps for a fresh view.

A company could consider hiring a firm like LJF Marketing for policy manuals, safety programs, internal newsletters or other internal communications creating a professional look and a consistent message.

Also don’t forget promotional products to market effectively internally. Bringing the entire company together: sales, production, customer relations, management and human resources can eliminate issues of non-communication and turns “I didn’t know we had this new product” into “Our new product is bundled with a new program that will enable small businesses to increase sales and eliminate downtime.” Everyone should be a sales person for your company.

Outsourcing your internal public relations is all about consistency.

Founded in 1989 by Linda Freede, areas of expertise provided by LJF Marketing include public relations, graphic design, media planning, web page development, corporate branding, corporate specialty logo products and social media planning and support.

LJF Marketing provides full-service marketing communications support, serving local, national and international clients within a variety of industries. For more information, visit www.ljfmarketing.com or call 281-367-3922.

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