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LJF Marketing is introducing a new Social Media series entitled “eye2eye Marketing”.  eye2eye Marketing is a concept that aligns the intricacies of marketing with practical solutions to achieve a corporate vision.  It’s an outside-the-box approach to utilize marketing resources to get your sales team, business owners or employees face time with people who will make your business successful.

For the next few months, we will introduce the following topics:

  1. An Eye for Marketing
  2. In the Eye of the Beholder
  3. More than Meets the Eye
  4. Eye Openers
  5. Eye On-Line – Social Media
  6. Eye On-Line – Web Design
  7. Meeting Eye to Eye
  8. Catching Your Eye
  9. In the Blink of an Eye

To start this new series, we direct your attention to topic 1:  An Eye for Marketing

  • How does your company stand out in a crowded market place?
  • Have you refined your marketing plans lately?
  • Are you truly focusing on your target markets?
  • What short term and long term corporate goals have you already reached? What’s the next one to reach?
  • Does your marketing plan align with your corporate vision?

To stand out in a crowded market place, Entrepeneur Magazine offers this tip to highlight one or two things about your business that makes you unique.

Hubspot’s Dan Zorrella said “Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed”.  To refine your marketing plans, you must have data, know how to analyze data and then make adjustments to refine your plans to achieve your goals.

In a 2013 Forbe’s article by Contributing Columnist, Mark Evans, he highlighted Robert Bloom’s “The Inside Advantage” which included a story of how P&G was on the wrong target market for one of their products.  If P&G can be wrong, maybe we can learn something here.

In this Harvard Business Review Blog, we learn that in order to align company activities with a corporate vision, focused participation of people at every level of the firm is required.  If you don’t have a marketing department in your organization, LJF Marketing wishes to serve in that role to help align marketing with your vision.  Interested in opening an “Eye for Marketing”?


LJF Marketing was founded 25 years ago by Linda J. Freede. Linda believes that her longevity is a testament to “eye2eye Marketing” because of the strength of relationships you can build when relationships are the focus of your company.  For more information, visit ljfmarketing.com.