Eye On-line


We’re calling it “eye2eye on-Line” but it is a form of communication that we are all familiar with.  How many of us spend several times per day checking our Facebook pages or scrolling through our LinkedIn updates?  LJF Marketing is in the business of communicating and interacting with our followers via social media and that gives us an opportunity for valuable, authentic communication.

A recent article posted on http://www.planitizen.com gave advice to city planners to encourage the usage of social media, “Social media is a flexible method of communication, it promotes your work to a larger audience and connects with decision makers while interacting with others who share the same thoughts.”

According to http://www.convinceandconvert.com:

  • 55% of Americans have a social media profile
  • 22% of Americans use social media networks several times per day
  • 47% say Facebook has the greatest impact on their purchasing behavior

Many articles on social media suggest setting goals for developing and maintaining social media sites.

At LJF Marketing, our goals are simple:

  1. Provide usable engaging content so your job is made easier to grow your business.
  2. Hope that you share our content and contact information so if someone you know needs marketing assistance you would recommend us.
  3. Help you develop your social media sites and help you grow them by developing content for you, provide regular posting and follow up with comments to maintain your reputation.

Our intent for LJF Marketing mirrors other small businesses, to strengthen our relationships with our customers, extend our reach to other business owners and one of the ways we do that is to grow our social media networks.  Inc.com featured an article by Jayson Demers of Audience Bloom “39 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers”.

In the article, he mentioned being consistent, knowing your audience and being a good social media citizen.  He, along with others we have read also pointed out locating influencers in your industry and mentioned the site Buzzsumo to help you identify those influencers.  Another tactic is to find and follow others with whom you would like to develop a relationship.


Our #socialmediainabox link above gives you details on what we can do to assist you with your social media.  Contact us at 281.367.3922 or visit our website http://www.ljfmarketing.com.

Keep your eye on this blog for more eye2eye marketing.