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We’re calling it “eye2eye on-Line” but it is a form of communication that we are all familiar with.  How many of us spend several times per day checking our Facebook pages or scrolling through our LinkedIn updates?  LJF Marketing is in the business of communicating and interacting with our followers via social media and that gives us an opportunity for valuable, authentic communication.

A recent article posted on http://www.planitizen.com gave advice to city planners to encourage the usage of social media, “Social media is a flexible method of communication, it promotes your work to a larger audience and connects with decision makers while interacting with others who share the same thoughts.”

According to http://www.convinceandconvert.com:

  • 55% of Americans have a social media profile
  • 22% of Americans use social media networks several times per day
  • 47% say Facebook has the greatest impact on their purchasing behavior

Many articles on social media suggest setting goals for developing and maintaining social media sites.

At LJF Marketing, our goals are simple:

  1. Provide usable engaging content so your job is made easier to grow your business.
  2. Hope that you share our content and contact information so if someone you know needs marketing assistance you would recommend us.
  3. Help you develop your social media sites and help you grow them by developing content for you, provide regular posting and follow up with comments to maintain your reputation.

Our intent for LJF Marketing mirrors other small businesses, to strengthen our relationships with our customers, extend our reach to other business owners and one of the ways we do that is to grow our social media networks.  Inc.com featured an article by Jayson Demers of Audience Bloom “39 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers”.

In the article, he mentioned being consistent, knowing your audience and being a good social media citizen.  He, along with others we have read also pointed out locating influencers in your industry and mentioned the site Buzzsumo to help you identify those influencers.  Another tactic is to find and follow others with whom you would like to develop a relationship.


Our #socialmediainabox link above gives you details on what we can do to assist you with your social media.  Contact us at 281.367.3922 or visit our website http://www.ljfmarketing.com.

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Reassessing Your Social Media Plan

Social media trends are constantly changing, so it is a wise idea to look at your social media plan every so often to see if you are keeping up with the trends. If you don’t try to capitalize on current trends, your reach may not be as vast as it could be. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you’re reassessing your social media plan:

Q: Are there any new forms of social media that have popped up in the last 6 months?

A: Probably, but it would seem the real question is: “are they useful?” MySpace, for example, recently tried to reinvent itself. We’ll see if that helps them long term, but it’s an example of a new social media platform in the market. If it looks like your business could benefit from being active on a new platform, you might want to add coverage for that platform into your current social media plan.

Q: Is your current activity generating anything (i.e. comments, likes, retweets, etc.)?

A: If it’s not, you need to focus more energy into the activity that is. If so, try increasing the amount of content you post a little bit, and see if you have the same results. If I’m posting links 5 times a week to Facebook with no feedback, then I should spend more time on Twitter (if that’s getting more of a response).

Q: Is there any research on the social media industry right now that I could look at to tailor to my needs?

A: The answer, is of course, yes. Look at different blogs and see what you find. Social Media, as a discipline, is always changing. Look at the information you can find and make sure you tailor your plan to work with it. For example, there are some times where it’s better to post on Facebook than others; however, when Facebook grew a lot, they changed because companies started blocking Facebook at work.

Any questions? Ask and we’ll answer in the comments below.

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Eat Even More Ice Cream Using LinkedIn

We haven’t talked much about LinkedIn; however, it can be crucial to your business’ success and your professional life in general. We’ve outlined some thoughts to reach out to others on LinkedIn. With enough time and persistence, showing a genuine interest in your network connections will give you the opportunity to ‘grab ice cream’ with them.

Follow up every couple of months or when something major happens with your connections:

  • Especially with people you don’t see very often, it is nice to hear that people are thinking of you every couple of months. It will make it more likely that when the opportunity does arise for you to work together, things will work out, because you don’t simply come to them when you have a problem or need something.

Recommend someone:

  • LinkedIn has a tool, called “endorsements”, where you can endorse the skills listed on a contact’s profile with just a click. It takes just a little of your time, but will pay dividends – because who doesn’t like someone who says something nice about them?

Be active in groups:

  • You’re in a group, so why don’t you stay active? It’s definitely good to be a part of some larger groups, but exercise moderation and join some smaller groups so you can actively form relationships with the group members.

Reach out to people who have viewed your profile:

  • Use discretion on this one. If you have never met the person, this is probably not a wise thing to do. However, if you met this person recently, or have met them multiple times, then it’s probably a good idea to send them a note and try to connect.

Pass along leads:

  • If you see that someone in a related field is looking for a job and know of an opening at your company (or elsewhere) that they are qualified for, it wouldn’t hurt to send them the link to the posting. Even if that’s not the job they end up with, your contact will remember you when the tables have been turned or when they discover a new business opportunity . . . they will think of you.

Remember: LinkedIn is NOT Facebook or Twitter. Your network is made of professional contacts, so always exercise caution in what you say. You can be somewhat casual, but refrain from making any tasteless jokes or anything you would not want to get out in the public.

Ice Cream Social Tips and Tricks


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Does your marketing need a boost? We suggest that you “eat more ice cream.” That is, learn to break up the routine of daily work and meetings to strengthen relationships with your contacts. A prominent example of how we apply the “eat more ice cream” philosophy at LJF Marketing is the way we try to schedule ice cream appointments to keep the mood light, refreshing and interesting, as opposed to the predictable coffee date.

Now, it’s very possible that you might think social media can’t relate to your business. Planning events and meetings is one of the most useful things you can do with it, but don’t take my word for it… click here to learn what’s in it for you when you take advantage of social media’s full potential.

So, how does this relate to social media? Well, Facebook makes it easy to host an event or meeting, big or small. Hosting an event showcasing your business’s personality is the perfect remedy to a drab business day… perhaps you can have an ice cream social of your own with these tips!

First, you need to create an event. Have your info ready for what you would like to name the event, the details of the event, the location and the date and time.

  • On your social media page, go up to the top right corner, to “Edit Page”. On the drop down menu, click “Update Public Info”.
  • Now, notice the sidebar on the left. Click on “Apps”.
  • On the Apps section, you’ll see the “Events” app. Before creating the event, make sure to adjust your visibility settings under “Edit Settings”; if you don’t want the event to be visible on your timeline, this is where you change that setting. After you’re satisfied with the settings, click “Go to App” to set up your event.
  • With your information handy, simply fill in the blanks. Note that all events for your company’s Facebook page will be public, even though you may edit your events settings so that they don’t show up on your timeline.
  • If you’d like, you can choose to allow only administrators to post updates to the event. If the goal is to generate a lot of buzz about it, I do not recommend this setting; if it is a business event, consider this option to avoid spam or unnecessary comments.
  • After you have filled out all the information, click “create”, and your event is born!

To invite people to the event, simply copy the URL of the event’s page, and send to your colleagues via email. This will do two things: show your colleagues the event page so that they can state if they are attending, and encourage people that don’t already like your Facebook page to like it.

If you’ll look up in the right hand corner (after you’ve created the event) you can now edit settings. Here are some functions to take note of.

  • Posts, pictures, or shares – these function similarly to when they are on your general timeline; they show up in the newsfeeds of your attendees. You can share it with other organizations and pages.
  • Event Photo – add either your logo or a photo related to the event.
  • “Repeat event” – This feature makes the Events feature of Facebook a useful scheduling tool. If you have a standing meeting every week, then it will probably save you a lot of pain to use this. It also gives you the opportunity to communicate on a project with an expiration date without creating a group. You can repeat the event by clicking on the settings symbol in the right corner.
  • “Export event” – Useful if you have a calendar linked to your phone, work computer, or home computer.
  • “Promote event” – As a part of Facebook’s advertising features, you can promote your event as an advertisement. This is useful if it’s a public event and you are trying to get as many people in the doors as possible.

We hope this will help you plan your next event easily. When you know how to use the events feature the right way, your Facebook approach is just one less detail to worry about.

Even if you don’t think social media will help your business, contact us to find smart, innovative ideas that are the perfect fit. You can find our information at LJFMarketing.com.