In the Eye of the Beholder, eye2eye Marketing.


When looking into the eye of the beholder, we are looking at our target audience.  This second in a series of “eye2eye Marketing” begs the question.. “Do we have the right target audience?”  A recent article by

has some great tips for drilling down from assumptions to true realities regarding our true targets.

Every marketing person has been taught since Marketing 201 class in college to follow the data.  First of all, where do we find the data?  The article above suggests some starting resources:

  • U.S. Census Bureau
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Insights (analytics available if your business page has at least 30 “likes”)
  • Customer review sites (What other businesses are your customers patronizing on Yelp? What appeals to them?)
  • Your competitors’ sites and reviews
  • Surveys or interviews with your current and past customers
  • Hosting small focus groups

We would add the Small Business Administration.  LJF Marketing has worked with our local SBDC with a campaign to evolve your business to the next level.  Part of that evolvement includes identifying new niche markets.  For example, one of our clients, a home builder in the Houston area, found through following data trends, that the high end housing market was growing rapidly north of the city.  With a high quality, high end look in their marketing collaterals, they were able to reach out to the high end audience and secure a larger market share by identifying this niche that was growing right above their geographic target zone.

After identifying through data, your potential targets, we can identify how they make decisions, how they like to communicate about potential brands to buy, and why they would choose a product over a competitor’s product.

Then it’s on to messaging, getting the right message at the right time, the right medium and creating “Calls to Action” that actually work.  Our research gives us some great resources, Hubspot, for one but many marketers have gone on this road before us so we can certainly learn from each other.

Here’s hoping this blog gives you something to keep your eye on…